Meal for a Meal

The purpose of Zulu Piri Piri Chicken Grille is to provide a delicious meal to a customer, while also providing a nutritious meal to a vulnerable child.

Why do we give?

We understand that half of the world’s population lives on less than $2.50 per day. We understand that malnutrition claims the lives of far too many children and that opportunities like education and job training that we take for granted in Western society are luxuries to most children in the world.

We wanted to start a business that would do something to attack these social problems—a business that was built upon doing good. We believe that consumers care about doing good and that businesses have a social obligation to use their influence and profits to make the world a better place. Not to add to vast disparity across the globe, but to decrease it—to lessen the gap between those who live in abundance and those who live in dearth.

So what did we do?

We started a social impact restaurant, a restaurant built upon the principles of doing good.

Our Meal for a Meal program provides a nutritious meal for a vulnerable child in Africa for every meal purchased at our restaurant.

How is this accomplished?

The way we do this is pretty simple. We calculated the approximate cost for a simple meal of beans, rice, and vegetables for a child in Africa. For every meal sold in our restaurant, the amount it costs for a meal for a child in Africa is syphoned off in our accounting system. At the end of the month, we send the total amount we’ve raised from meals that month, to our partnership in South Africa.

Who do we give the monies to?

We’ve identified partner organizations whose mission and philosophy matches ours—to empower and change lives of vulnerable children through providing education and business training—because we aren't looking to merely sustain a life, but to change a life. Our objective is to take over the food budget of our partner organization, so they can shift those funds to their empowerment programs (vocational training, business skills training, entrepreneurial opportunities) that actually change the child’s life.

We provide consultant services and resources to expand and scale the empowerment programs of our partner organizations, so that their impact can increase, and more and more kids are helped.

Does it actually change lives?

Heck yes it does! Our first partner organization is Home of Hope »