what is zulu?

Zulu Piri Piri Chicken Grille is a social impact restaurant,

created to bring people together as a community, to enjoy a delicious meal together, and to do good in the world by doing something they already do everyday—eating. For every meal we sell, we give a meal to a vulnerable child in Africa.

What is our cuisine?

We are a fast-casual, African fusion restaurant committed to providing a mouth-watering, craveable meal, made with healthy and locally grown and sourced ingredients. African fusion means we offer traditional American dishes, but infused with African spices and flavoring. The kind of flavor you crave!

Why Africa?

Each of the co-founders has been changed by African culture. Jared spent significant time in South Africa as a lawyer. In fact, that’s where he was first served Piri Piri chicken. He was hooked from the start and couldn’t get enough. Nikki has been going to Africa since she was 20, and the majority of her career as a lawyer and as the director of a large corporate foundation, has been spent in Africa. Sandile is from South Africa. His dad fought for the rights of black South Africans during the apartheid era, and was assassinated doing so.

African culture and the concept of “ubuntu”, loosely translated to mean, “I am because of you,” has deeply impacted the founders. They desire to bring these beautiful, life-changing concepts of simplicity and the communal mentality that it really does take a village, that we are all inner-connected and need and depend on each other, to the Western world. They desire to bring the Africa they love—one filled with inspiring art, lively music and dance, warm and welcoming smiles and hearts, craveable cuisine—to mainstream Western culture. So that when people think of Africa, their first thoughts are not poverty, disease, and violence—but the beauty of that land and its people.

How are we giving back?

To give back to that land that has changed our lives, we have introduced our Meal for a Meal program, in which for every meal purchased at Zulu, we give a meal to a vulnerable child in Africa.

Who are our partner organizations?

We have chosen as our first partner organization, Home of Hope, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Home of Hope rescues vulnerable girls from the childhood slavery as well as orphaned girls living in the streets or in abusive situations. Home of Hope offers a refuge for the child, a safe and hopeful place, where they come to understand their innate worth and are provided opportunities to achieve their potential through education and business skills training.

How does it work?

Beginning with this inaugural restaurant, Zulu Grille will send the equivalent dollar amount for a meal of beans, rice, and vegetables for a child in Africa, for every entree it purchased at Zulu that month. Our objective is to take over Home of Hope’s food budget so they can channel those funds to their empowerment programs—education, vocational training, jobs skills training, starting new businesses.

We then offer Home of Hope management and consultant assistance to expand the impact of these programs, increase efficiencies, and build scalable models. By so doing, we are a social impact enterprise.

We are more than just a restaurant, we are a movement!